Lecture "Renewal of Jurisprudence"

Lecture on Renewal of Jurisprudence or Renewal of Assets by Dr. Nour Al-Din Al-Khadmi, Professor of Sharia at Al-Zaytoonah University and former Minister of Awqaf in Tunisia.

محاضرة تجديد الفقه أم تجديد الاصول للدكتور نور الدين الخادمي أستاذ الشريعة بجامعة الزيتونة ووزير الأوقاف الأسبق في تونس





Lecture by Dr. Khalid Hanafi, Queen of Jurisprudence, the secret of its absence and ways of reviving it

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jedaie's intervention in the symposium on the renewal of Islamic jurisprudence in Europe.
The first intervention is entitled "Our jurisprudential heritage, a period of time or eternity."